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Honeymoon Island

Thailand sea


Jean Stewart Walk 2010
All set and ready for the start

Jean Stewart Walk 2010
I'll NEVER climb that!

Jean Stewart Walk 2010
I DID and just look at that

Black Pudding "Hit" by Nick Holt

St. George's Day photo call

Sarah ready for the off

View of the river at Edisford Bridge

CLDA youth on river bank at Edisford Bridge

Time to empty the loo, lovely!

Give it a shake, where's all this sweetcorn from?

Rinse it clean, watch it doesn't spray back!

CCJ's ready to be "entertained" by youth at Halloween

Fancy Dress at New Year Meet

Lunch by the river in Cambridge

Youth in training!

North West youth

Getting ready to lead the parade

And finally, what NOT to put in your youth's bag

Tina and Denise still flying the pennon on their travels

Congratulations to one of our youth, Jack Green on his marriage to Samantha Blears on Saturday 30th July 2011

Items from "The Wittering Witch" summer 2010

14th-16th May 2010, Jean Stewart Walk Scotland with Perth & Angus CCY

In May this year 4 CLDA youth, Sarah, Becky, Sam & Nick & youth leaders Peter, Tina, Denise & Mark were again invited to join the Scottish Region Youth on their annual Jean Stewart Walk in Ardgarten, Scotland. This is a weekend of hiking & camping in the Scottish Highlands carrying tents & food etc. The walk is in memory of Jean Stewart, a lady who worked hard for the club, especially the youth and who loved walking. There are 5 different walks around Scotland and youth who complete all 5 have their names engraved on a special Jean Stewart Walk Memorial Trophy. As yet there are only Scottish youth on the trophy but we’re hoping to change that and be the first English youth to have their names engraved on the trophy.
On the Saturday morning, with rucksacks full, 30 youth & leaders set off on a 20 mile hike over the Scottish ‘mountains’ . We were told that Saturday would be approximately 10 miles and pretty flat and that Sunday would be shorter but harder and hilly. It turned out to be 10 miles of hills on Saturday and on Sunday we were hiking up the side of a mountain! We should have known better as we have joined them on previous ‘walks’. But it was worth the effort just for the breathtaking scenery & views and the brilliant company.
On Saturday afternoon we arrived at Loch Goil and set up camp with some very large Highland cows for neighbours, luckily for us they kept their distance. Here we cooked our evening meal and sat around a camp fire telling stories, singing songs and rubbing our sore feet.
On Sunday morning we packed up and set off on our 8 mile journey back to camp. The beginning of our journey was uphill through beautiful woodlands, up & up we went until we came to a clearing in the trees and that was when we saw the real climb. Every step was a hard strenuous climb and just as we thought we were nearing the top we realised that it’s just a ledge and the climb continued. Once at the top the views again were fantastic and finally we start our decent back home and back to site. Here we are warmly welcomed back on site with cheering and clapping and some very welcome homemade soup.
We would like to Thank Debbie Carcary for inviting us, the youth & leaders for their company and the campsite for their hospitality. A fantastic weekend was had by all, (I think!) but Denise was heard saying NEVER AGAIN! J


Rome International Youth Rally

What a wonderful experience for any young person! There were nearly 100 young people from England, Scotland and Ireland and around 300 in total from all around the world. Three of them were there from CLDA. The international youth rallies give kids the chance to experience different countries and cultures, enabling them to make friends with others from around the world, and meet up with old friends, such as the Italians and Taiwanese. It was a five day meet that very well organised, with guided trips out to see as much of the county as possible. Italian meals, sports events and evening Discos. The Scottish won the football, with the help of our Sam, and Yorkshire won the Volleyball. We then took 14 youth across Italy to a Ski resort for a further 5 days ski-ing. Altogether it was great. These kids are well rounded, fun, and believe it or not, sensible individuals, which any parent would be very proud of, as I was of all of them, and I would be pleased take them any where again. Denise Miller—Assistant Youth Leader