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Central Lancs Youth

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CLDA are running Youth Training and Junior Activities Weekends under the guidance of Tina and Peter Holt our experienced Youth Leaders & CCJ leaders Jane Ronson and Nick Austin.
The aim of this training is to enable the teenagers to camp considerately and safely on their own.

The reward is CCY membership of The Camping and Caravanning Club

Camping Club Youth membership is free for Youth members aged between 12 and 17 years. Upon passing the Youth Test by your 18th birthday you will continue to enjoy free CCY membership until your 21st birthday.
Youth members aged between 21 and 30, having passed their Youth Test before their 18th birthday pay a reduced Senior Youth subscription instead of the full Club subscription.

Fun Under the parachute 

Feeding Yourself 

Rivington Walk 

Apples Galore 

Packing your Gear 

Don't Take too Much

Tina Supervising

Canon Building

Log balancing / map reading

Waiting on at New Year

Pete teaching Map Reading

Using the Stoves