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Fixture List 2016

Average site fee this year (TBA) per unit per night 

CLauDiA (busy stirring her pot) say's "That all members of The Camping and Caravanning Club from any section or DA are welcome to just turn up on any unbooked meet, but Please don't arrive without your membership card or you'll be in the pot or on your way home".

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Please Note Sites do not open until 2pm.
First van on site must act as Steward until the volunteer Steward arrives

CLDA 2016 Fixtures List
Stewards needed for 2017- Would anyone wishing to steward a meet please contact our Site Secretary Graham Harrison - Click here ...

Have a look back in time and see where we went last year Click Here to view our 2015 fixtures

Click here for a link to the spreadsheet which generates the below fixture list, just in case it doesn't display in your browser

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